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Since 2002 I study economics and computer science at the Vienna University of Technology.



Undergraduate Program
Stanford GVW (econ1) 4h SDA (stats60) 4h EP (cs106a), PT/UE (cs193j) 6h FrW (com104S) 2h 16h
WS 02 GBW 4h MLS 4h MTM 4h 12h
SS 03 SWW 4h DMG 4h PT/VO 2h WE 4h InfoEcon 2h 16h
Korea PPR: Bakkalaureatsarbeit 4h 4h
WS 03 Game Theory 2h SBW UE2h SWE 4h EIS, IM/VO 6h 14h
SS 04 EE, ST4h ORG4h ISK 4h UM, USI VO, IM/SE 8h 20h
Stanford Econ Analysis III, Decision Making in Org. 4h Computer Graphics 4h 8h
WS 04 Econometrics, OR8h SBW VO 2h DS VO+VU 3h USI UE 2h InfVis, ShareMe 4h 19h
Wirtschaftsinf. 28h WW 20h KFK 16h Info. Tech. 20h SW 12h Freie Wahl 12h 108h

Graduate Program
SS 05 Dyn Macro Econ, Elek Geldformen, Evolutionary Econ, Monetary Econ 10h Neuroeconomics 2h 12h
WS 05 Econ Modeling, Macro Econ Sim 4h Cryptograpy 4h SSD 1, DWH 1 4h Business Strategies 2h 14h
SS 06 International Trade 2h Enviromental Econ 4h SSD 2, DWH 2 4h Masters Thesis 10h
WS 06 Econometrics 2, OR 2 4h User Interface Design2h E-Commerce4h 10h
Wirtschaftsinf. 12h WW 8h KFK 16h Info. Tech. 8h SW 8h Freie Wahl 6h 58h
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