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  2. email: Cherian George
  3. Here are links to some useful online resources (July 3): Lexis-Nexis: Archive of news articles, plus legal, financial and medical information.; Britannica.com: Online encyclopaedia, including dictionary.; Firstgov.gov: Portal to information posted on US federal government sites.; Howstuffworks.com: Articles explaining scientific and technological terms; Yahoo.com: Your basic Internet search engine.; Poynter.org: Tips on reporting and writing from the Poynter Institute.; Tips on reporting polls ; Jobs, Internships, Scholarships: Comm Dept Internship Office;
  4. more useful online resources (July 3): Convicted by the Press: the Richard Jewell story; Palo Alto Square; Press coverage of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake; Stanford Report story; Letter from University Admin

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104S. Reporting and Writing the News

3 units, Cherian George, Instructor, TTh 10:00-11:50. Reporting and writing, emphasizing various forms of journalism: news interpretation, features, opinion.


#download articlethe provided
1 podrinkingwater.pdfassignment1
2 pointernetstory.pdfassignment2
3 poshorties.pdfassignment3
4 KnightRidder.pdfassignment4

Cherian George provided the following starting points for the articles.

Story assignment 1

General Instructions

The Scenario

You are reporter for The Stanford Sun, a Sunday newspaper serving the Stanford community. The Sun has a "Living" section with a special emphasis on consumer news storie with an environmental or health angel. The Living editor hands you a couple of press releases:
The WWF Press release "The real cost of bottled water"
International Bottled Water Associations Response to The WWF Study, Bottled Water: Understanding a Social Phenomenon
That he says:
"Could you give me 300 words on this bottled water thing, please? It's a good summertime story. And let's localize it, talk to people around here."
Your editor's instructions are brief and not very detailed. but that doesn't bother you, because the journalism class you attended so long ago has ingrained in you in you the instincts for news reporting and writing. You get to work, study the press releases, thinking about the best angle to take and facts to include, and writing a clear, objective and compelling news story...

Download this article here -> podrinkingwater.pdf

Story assignment 2

General Instructions

The Scenario

You are a reporter for The Bay Area Daily, a local newspaper. The BAD editor wants you to weite a story on a recent research study about how teenagers use the internet.
She says: "We've already picked up a story from USA Today on the insstand messaging angle, but I think there's more in the report that deserves to be coverd. Read it, find an angle, adn then come and discuss it with me."
For the purpose of this exercise, imagine that your story will be puplished the same week as the report was releases. So, refer to the report as having been released "this week".

Teenage life online
USA Today: Online teens are instantly in touch

Download this article here -> pointernetstory.pdf

Story assignment 3

General Instructions

The Scenario

You are a reporter for Shippenberg Times, a local newspaper. It is 10:30pm, and you are on the late shift. One of your duties today is to write the "Briefs" column in the Local section.
The Briefs column has a fixed format every day. It contains three very short stories. Each story has between 100 - 120 words (excluding headlines). If you write less than 100 or more than 120, the copy editor will scream at you.
You have already chosen the three stories. They are as follows:

Your notes are attached.

You have one hour to write the three stories. The Briefs column is the last remaining item for the Local Section. The paper is waiting for you. Ready, Set, Go.

Download this article here -> poshorties.pdf

Final assignment

General Instructions

Based on the scenario below , write: This assignment is due 10am Thursday August 16 2001.

The Scenario

You are a reporter for the Bay Area Daily. You have been following with interest the way the news media have been hit by economic downturn this year. So far, your newspaper has not written anything about it. You propose to your editor that you write a "trend story" on job cuts in the news media.

Your editor replies: "Good idea. Go ahead. Just one suggestion. I'd like to use this piece in the general news section and not the Business section. So don't give me a quality of journalism they're getting being compromised?"

He adds: "Keep the story short: 300-400 words. But give me a graphic as well."

Download this article here -> knightridder.pdf


Cherian George

Beside working as a teacher at Stanford University Cherian also worked for the The Straits Times as a columnist and editor or wrote Singapore, The Air-conditioned Nation.


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